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Authentic Surveyor and Claims Adjuster

Whatever disputes in construction and fitting works and water seepage issues, our professional teams can provide the most reliable and quality services for our client in in order to meet your needs.

Experience: Our team has 30 years experiences deal with disputes in construction and fitting works and water seepage issues. Our clients include listed companies, well established developers, construction companies, property management companies, incorporated owners of buildings, flat/house owners and solicitor firms.

Advanced Technology: Our precise survey adopts different advanced technology including Rapid Infrared Thermographic Survey, Fluorescent Dye Test, Microwave Moisture Detection, Ultrasonic Leak Detection, Leak Noise Correlation, Acoustic Leak Detection, Conductivity Test

and Moisture Mapping Survey. All applied testing and detection are carried out by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) and full recognition in Hong Kong Government and all judiciaries.

Professional Team: Our team consists of various building and construction professionals including Authorized Person, Registered Structural Engineer, Registered Inspector, Registered Architect, Registered Professional Surveyor, Registered Professional Engineer, Licensed Plumber and Registered Electrical Worker

Advanced Technology:


Infrared-Thermographic Camera


Radar Detector




Microwave Moisture Detector


Conductivity Digital Moisture Meter


Water Specimen Tester

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